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From their Italian headquarters in the city of Verona, Santa Margherita produces an elegant and functional, stain and scratch resistant product from carefully selected quartz rock. SMQuartz is environmentally friendly holding NSF and Greengard Certifications, among many others. All the SMQuartz range is imported into Ireland with a 25 year warranty.

The elegant SMQuartz is available in more than 100 colours in different styles: the Classic quartz pattern range, the stylish Veined range, the vibrant Glitter, the modern Stardust, the contemporary Metropolis and the newest City and Fusion ranges.

All SMQuartz products are supplied in a variety of popular finishes including polished, honed, brushed and antiqued. Besides the extraordinary choice of styles, SMQuartz offers durability, functionality, safety and reliability, making their range perfect for all type of surface uses. It is ideal for creating exquisite kitchen and batroom countertops and vanities but is also suited to be used as natural flooring, indoor wall cladding, shower walls and many other everyday uses.


The SMQuartz range, offers exceptional value for money for a product of this high standard and quality. Santa Margherita’s beautiful Italian quartz is functional, durable, stylish, and it is available in a large selection of colours, styles and finishes.

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